How Peter Thiel thinks about Europa (English version)

Peter Thiel is one of the top advisers of Donal Trump (one of the few who come from Silicon Valley) and co-founder of companies as Palantir and Paypal (the lats with Elon Musk).

I think that for Europeans it is interesting to know the character, but beyond their theories, (that must be created rapid monopolies through technology, for example, is one of them), I want to focus on their vision of Europe.

In a paragraph from his last book published in Spain, “From Zero to One: How to Invent the Future”, Thiel says more or less the following:

Europe is immersed in an indefinite sense of pessimism. We live on incomes, and we know that in the future something is going to go wrong, although we do not know what else … that’s why we have this hobby for the holidays.

Well, without We analyze the prejudices that the image transmits (I personally use my vacations to create, for example), it´s reflected the opinion of this Trump´s adviser and the way they behold the Europeans in America (and perhaps in the rest of the world).

Faint-hearted beings with no will to change our destiny and dedicated to live the party while Rome burns around us. Unable to return to being a world power.

In our hands, in the europeans hands, are the final decision to allow this vision continue or not.

peter-thiel-v3 dtg56y



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