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Os dejo este interesante artículo sobre cómo Google nos va a acercar la Singularidad Tecnológica.

Transhumanists Should Work At Google

Google is the first mainstream company with a transhumanist culture and is the single most innovative company in Silicon Valley.

Recently, while visiting the Google Venice Headquarters in Los Angeles, I couldn’t help but think that Google is one of the few companies in the world with revenues of well over 50 billion dollars and over a 300 billion dollar market cap. But it still retains its startup feel.

The biggest innovations over the last century have come from moonshot ideas. The last company in Silicon Valley that is still operating like a large startup and taking moonshots, the only company that still matters in Silicon Valley is Google. No, I do not have a single penny in Google stock, nor is this a promotion of Google in any way. Rather, this is my review of why Google is the most successful company in Silicon Valley and the most likely company to get us to the Singularity.

If you’re a transhumanist, you would be well served by working at Google. Ever since Larry Page came back as CEO to Google, Google is bubbling with a lot of new ideas. Larry Page was the first backer of Singularity University as you all know and a big fan of Ray Kurzweil’s ideas. Google is probably one of the biggest AI companies in the world and has the largest data base, with machine intelligence being their core business. Thus, any investment in this area makes total sense.

However, in the last decade what Google has done is immensely fascinating. Google has embarked on a series of moonshot ideas that are all based on the 10^9 mantra.

Google wanted to connect over a billion people with smart devices in a decade; Since Android has been created in 2005, Google has connected over a billion Android handsets globally and aims to connect the next 5 billion over the next decade.

Google wants to give us all augmented reality; Google has made Ray Kurzweil’s predictions come true with the Google Glass and I believe that this will be a huge success for them. In fact, I was in India on TV in front of millions of viewers discussing Google glass technology recently.

Google has very big ambitions which would touch almost every aspect of our lives daily and all these products they have been developing are all part of a far bigger plan for Google.

For instance, to give you an idea of Google’s scale, think about this: they have Google Wallet for payments, Google search, Google chrome with AI and language translations, Google Maps, YouTube (which encompasses most of the world’s entertainment), the largest Ad system for blogs, and deep machine intelligence with Google Now. Moreover, think about all the investments they’ve made recently to improve humanity.

Google has invested through Google X over 1 billion dollars in renewable energy, including over 280 million into Solarcity. Google has invested over 200 million into Uber to connect car sharing. I noted that when I visited India recently, Uber is one of the cheapest forms of transportation and provides comfort and luxury with cars like Mercedes or Audi for almost half the price compared to that of a conventional local “call taxi” and allows you to enjoy a very dependable service.

Google also backed Tesla, which manufactures one of the best electric cars in USA. I believe that all these investments and projects are all part of a grander plan for Larry Page and Google. One can postulate that Uber and Google may have a long-term plan to use the Uber Technologies and Tesla’s electric cars, along with Solarcity’s free superchargers, to have self-driving, completely free solar-powered autonomous cars. I mean they literally are investing into converging all these technologies to make science fiction into reality.



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